Babymoon – Perthshire

Before I was pregnant I didn’t even know this was a thing. A last romantic getaway before the baby arrives. The romantic scene of husband & wife cuddling up in front of the log fire & embracing each other before life changes. Well, that’s certainly the image I have painted in my head.

Let me set the scene for our babymoon. My husband, I & Chewie! We couldn’t possibly go away without taking our puppy.

We booked the Whitemoss Lodge B&B in the heart of Perthshire for an overnight stay with a different feel to it. We stayed in a Pod which was a wooden cabin looking much like a hotel room inside with all its luxuries & central heating & ensuite bathroom but felt more like the adventure of camping. Without the sore back, cold weather & creepy crawlies!

Our pod overlooked the beautiful Perthshire Hills surrounded by green fields as far as the eye could see. Sheep roamed the fields & the rabbits darted in between them. Soon to be replaced by little bundles of joy, with the sheep due to have their lambs. The long windows in the pod gave a great opportunity to sit back in the comfort of the pod & enjoy the wonderful views of Perthshire.

The air was still as we walked Chewie in the fields while he jotted about like the happy pup he is with a watchful eye on the rabbits & sheep. Being pregnant, I tried to keep up & was left feeling jealous of my pups energy levels.

In the Morning, we had a lovely breakfast made by the B&B owner who delivered our hot meal with a selection of cold items in a wicker basket. This was the perfect end to the overnight stay.

Whitemoss offers the peaceful getaway in a perfect location to explore the countryside & local towns with the option of visiting the City of Perth. Free WiFi, parking, breakfast included & dogs go free!

The Travel Tag

First tagged post that I’ve done . Thanks to Just Snap Shot Stories for tagging me & hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What countries have you visited?

Italy, Spain, Catalonia, England, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, France & Netherlands.

What countries are you visiting this year?

It looks likely that this year we will be having a staycation with the arrival of Baby Kelly due in 7 weeks time. Lots of beautiful places to visit in Scotland & would love to make the trip to the Isle of Skye.

What destination is number one on your bucket list?

I’d love to visit Iceland but on a warmer note I’m more inclined to say Portugal.

What is your idea Holiday?

I have this image in my head that I love lying in the sun by the pool but in reality that lasts for an hour before I’m bored. An ideal Holiday is enjoying the sun, planning day trips and exploring the History of Cities.

Which place did you think was so special that you would have to go back there one day?

Rome was my Husband & I’s first holiday & we absolutely loved exploring the City. It was a roasting hot July & we loved exploring Vatican City, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps & the Roman Forum.

Show us your nicest holiday photo!

Disneyland Paris was the last stop of our Honeymoon & it was magical.

Have you ever had to travel for work? If so, where?

Unfortunately not, the furthest I’ve travelled with work is Dumfries.

Who would you like to go on holiday with? 

My favourite person to explore places with is my Husband. Can’t wait to go family holidays with our wee one.

What is your nicest holiday memory?

In July 2015, I won a competition for a weekend stay in Barcelona & the chance to play football at the Camp Nou. All expenses paid trip with 20 others, trained at Barca’s training camp, toured the Stadium & played football at Camp Nou. It was a pretty special weekend & I can always say I’ve scored a penalty at Camp Nou.

What is your worst holiday memory?

Rome was bitter sweet because it was our first holiday but also the first time I experienced severe Arthritis symptoms & spent every night in bed crying. When I look back on photos of Rome I am reminded of how difficult it was for me. I’d love to go back to Rome & take in more of the City while being physical able to do so.

Is there anywhere you wouldn’t want to visit?

I wouldn’t rule out anywhere, I’m always open to new countries and adventures.

I tag Amanda Diaries & Everyday Life Girl to do the Travel Tag next.

New Year Goals

As much as I had my health struggles in 2017 & was challenged by them, I did manage to have a good year & achieve my goals. I done things my anxiety told me that I could never do such as going on my friends hen do to Liverpool, travelled to New York & Philadelphia & completed & passed my masters dissertation.

When I think back to this time last year I was filled with self doubt & riddled with anxiety. My mind would remind me of all the things I couldn’t do but I challenged this thought process & achieved my goals which I am incredibly proud of.

My goals achieved in 2017

1. I became Vegan in January.

2. Completed & passed my dissertation.

3. Went to Liverpool on my friends Hen Weekend.

4. Graduated from Uni with a Masters in Career Guidance & Development.

5. Gained confidence to write & started blogging.

Goals don’t have to start at the beginning of the New Year & throughout the year I set new goals & took a little longer to achieve some of them than expected but I done it. I had a great sense of achievement & goal setting helps me stay focussed throughout the year.

My goals for 2018

1. Complete another Veganuary & follow a vegan lifestyle.

2. Continue to write & share my health journey.

3. Learn mindfulness techniques.

4. Be more active.

5. Read more books.

Looking forward to 2018 & I am ready for the next chapter in my life.

Travelling with a chronic illness

There’s nothing I love more than planning our next getaway & we were lucky enough this month to travel to New York & Philadelphia. We planned the trip as part of My husbands 30th Birthday celebrations & I was looking forward to my first trip to the States.

My biggest anxiety about the trip was the 7.5 hour flight & I really couldn’t see past that. Much of my preparation before hand was about managing my thoughts & anxiety before the flight. The good news is I managed it without any panic attacks & I done fairly well to manage the intrusive thoughts.

New York was everything I expected from it, bright lights, big city & lots of people! My anxiety was present for much of the time I was in New York with tension headaches, nausea & intrusive thoughts. I made the most of the time we had there & enjoyed Top of The Rock, The Empire State Building & the Statue or Liberty, to name just a few. I found it difficult to manage evenings out due to the crowds & people constantly rushing on by, fast paced with no time to stop or think.

I managed my anxiety with early mornings & days out & tried to avoid evenings out & work rush hour times. Fatigue & arthritis pain played a huge part of how I was feeling & I tried to pace myself & rest as much as possible. I underestimated how much New York would take it out me. I was constantly on the go, walking & exploring new places.

I couldn’t wait to get the train to Philadelphia after 4 days on the go, it was time for me to leave New York as mentally and physically I was done. Philadelphia was perfect, a laid back City with character, positive vibes & lots of history. It was less in your face as New York was, people were nicer, the pace of things was much slower & we had the time to relax & enjoy our last few days of our travels. My anxiety completely left me in Philly & I was left to manage the arthritis pain & joints popping. I was much more relaxed & visited the Liberty Bell & sort of ran up the Rocky Steps.

Even although I was on holiday & enjoying myself my chronic illnesses didn’t leave me or give me a break. It was very much present & flaring but I tried to minimise the impact it had on me.

The best advice I would give anyone for travelling with a chronic illness is:

1. Plan your days out & minimise the walking

2. Pace yourself & don’t burn yourself out

3. Rest, rest & more rest. Save those spoons!

Flare up & celebrations. An October Update.

It’s been over a month since my last blog post & there’s a combination of reasons why I’ve been quiet. At the start of October I had one of my worst Fibromyalgia flare ups which seen me bed bound for almost a week. Every inch of my body ached with other symptoms flaring causing me all sorts of problems. All I remember is I slept for most of my time off work & the fatigue really did take over.

The flare up at the start of the month put me off my stride & writing became a task instead of something positive for my mental health.
 Apart from the flare ups & fatigue, October was a busy month filled with happiness. I was part of my friend’s wedding as a Bridesmaid which was a perfect day with dancing & lots of happy tears. The following week we celebrated my Husband’s 30th Birthday with an epic Millennium Falcon cake and a dinner with the family. His big pressie being a trip to New York & Philadelphia which we are due to go on this week (eeek!).

Looking forward to what November has got to bring & of course, our trip to the States. 

Veggie vs Vegan

I was never a big meat or dairy fan or so I thought! I went in and out of veggie life while I was a student but never stuck with it. The year before I got married I went on the Paleo diet and when I look back I am ashamed at the amount of animal products and meat I ate.

Last October I revisited the veggie lifestyle after chatting about it in work with a colleague. Eating meat was making me feel horrible, I had no energy and felt bloated. Meat made me feel like this for so long yet there I was, still eating it! I coped well with the transition to vegetarian life and it was much easier than I expected.

I decided to take it to the next level in January as part of Veganuary – Vegan for January. As a vegetarian I was doing it for my health but at the same time I continued to eat dairy products which didn’t sit well with me. I was more than happy to take the Vegan for January challenge. If you ask people about going Vegan, they always tell you that they couldn’t give up cheese or milk but for me I happily left them behind. Sure, I liked how they tasted but when you open your eyes to what goes into these products and the hurt it’s caused to make them, it’s enough to put you off!

I went vegan for a healthier life, for my health and for the animals. I now have more energy, don’t feel horrible and no longer bloated. It’s had a positive impact on my health conditions too and I feel more confident and have more energy.


September 2016 compared to May 2017. I look and feel so much better.

Vegan for Life & happy for it 🙂


Loch Lomond

On Wednesday, my husband and I had a day off work together and we went a drive to Loch Lomond with our puppy Chewie. The drive down we listened to music and Chewie happily sat in the boot gazing out the back window.

Although it was cloudy the sun was breaking through but it was typical that when we arrived in Loch Lomond the rain came on. Typical Scottish weather!
We didn’t let the weather waste our day and we walked along the beach while Chewie was tempted by the cold waters and chasing ducks. He ruined plenty of tourist pictures that day, incoming Chewie!

It was so peaceful looking over the Loch to see the hills and Ben Lomond lurking somewhere amongst the clouds. It was the most chilled I have been in ages and my anxiety slowly slipped away and left me. We went to a café nearby and grabbed a sheltered seat outside and enjoyed a coffee and some peace and quiet.
Loch Lomond has a terrible mobile phone reception and from the moment we arrived I had no signal which was a good thing. It was good to be free from a phone, constant updates or from constantly checking my phone. If anything, checking my phone is a bad habit and even although I am aware of it, I still do it.

No phone. No Anxiety. No Worries. Just Scott & Chewie & the beautiful Scottish weather.

I’m going to plan more days like this as it has such a positive impact on my mental health.

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