Things people say to you when you’re Pregnant with a Chronic Illness

People love to give advice & impart their wisdom as soon as they know that you are pregnant. Even when you don’t ask for their advice, they give it anyway & the same goes for their opinion. It’s not just your family or friends hitting you with their fountain of knowledge but strangers also like to pipe in & get their voice heard.

There’s been some strong opinions on my Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle & suddenly people are concerned about my protein in take & the lack of meat in my diet. Will that not affect the babies bones? Will the baby grow OK without meat? Just some of the opinions that have been shared with me on the matter of diet.

The most challenging views are from people who think that having a chronic illness means that I have lost the right to have a baby. Some of the following views were expressed at Chronic Pain group, needless to say I never returned after that session.


1- How have you managed your pregnancy when your in constant pain?

2- How will you manage when the Baby is here?

3- If you’re struggling just now with fatigue, just wait until the baby is here!

4- What if your Baby has the same health conditions as you? Do you really want that for your child?

Firstly, having a chronic illness I’m aware of what I can & can’t manage & I have great support from my Husband. I can’t look into the future, so I’ll have to wait until the baby is here until I know how I’ll manage. Fatigue is a big part of my Fibromyalgia & Arthritis so I’m well aware of the impact it has on me & the things I need to do to manage. And last but not least, of course every Mother wants their baby to be healthy & we don’t know if our Little One will have any conditions, let alone any of my conditions.

I never blamed my own parents for my diagnosis of Arthritis & Fibromyalgia & never been hung up on “why me”. I’m a stronger person for living with a chronic illness, I’m proud that I’ve overcame barriers & I hope to bring my own child up as strong & resilient, regardless of their health.

People just love to share their opinion. I’m glad I’m not easily offended.

Veggie vs Vegan

I was never a big meat or dairy fan or so I thought! I went in and out of veggie life while I was a student but never stuck with it. The year before I got married I went on the Paleo diet and when I look back I am ashamed at the amount of animal products and meat I ate.

Last October I revisited the veggie lifestyle after chatting about it in work with a colleague. Eating meat was making me feel horrible, I had no energy and felt bloated. Meat made me feel like this for so long yet there I was, still eating it! I coped well with the transition to vegetarian life and it was much easier than I expected.

I decided to take it to the next level in January as part of Veganuary – Vegan for January. As a vegetarian I was doing it for my health but at the same time I continued to eat dairy products which didn’t sit well with me. I was more than happy to take the Vegan for January challenge. If you ask people about going Vegan, they always tell you that they couldn’t give up cheese or milk but for me I happily left them behind. Sure, I liked how they tasted but when you open your eyes to what goes into these products and the hurt it’s caused to make them, it’s enough to put you off!

I went vegan for a healthier life, for my health and for the animals. I now have more energy, don’t feel horrible and no longer bloated. It’s had a positive impact on my health conditions too and I feel more confident and have more energy.


September 2016 compared to May 2017. I look and feel so much better.

Vegan for Life & happy for it 🙂