Arthritis & Online Support

When I was first diagnosed with Arthritis in 2013 I felt lost & pretty much left to it. After the first appointment with my Rheumatologist I was prescribed methotrexate, given a leaflet on the side effects & told to get regular blood tests. I was so unaware of the serious medication I had been put […]

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Fibromyalgia awareness week and it runs until the 10th of September. It’s thought that 1 in 25 people suffer from Fibromyalgia (Arthritis Research UK) and I know all too well what it’s like living with it.   As I write this, I’m currently fighting a fibro flare-up which has caused […]

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Loch Lomond

On Wednesday, my husband and I had a day off work together and we went a drive to Loch Lomond with our puppy Chewie. The drive down we listened to music and Chewie happily sat in the boot gazing out the back window. Although it was cloudy the sun was breaking through but it was […]

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