The Travel Tag

First tagged post that I’ve done . Thanks to Just Snap Shot Stories for tagging me & hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. What countries have you visited? Italy, Spain, Catalonia, England, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, France & Netherlands. What countries are you visiting this year? […]

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Goodbye March, Hello April

Slowly but surely I’m wishing away the weeks with my countdown to my due date (7 to go). Some weeks whizz by, whereas others drag in & I’ve been filling my time with reading, researching & writing which has been therapeutic. March was the month that I went self hosted with my blog which I’m […]

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Chronic illness & Maternity Care

I’ve been sharing my experience of pregnancy while living with a chronic illness. My last two blog posts have covered Managing My Fibromyalgia during Pregnancy & Arthritis & Pregnancy . I’d like to share my experience of accessing good maternity care & the support I’ve received so far. The most difficult part of my journey […]

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Mother’s Day

I wrote this for Mother’s Day on the 11th of March & posting it on International Women’s Day. I feel it’s a fitting post for both. I’m well aware that life with a chronic illness has been just as difficult for my Mum as it has been for me. From a young age I’ve been […]

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Arthritis & Pregnancy

The most difficult part of my journey has been conceiving & coming off medication. It was a testing time coming off Methotrexate & reducing painkillers but ultimately it was worth it. I’ve been lucky that during my early stages of pregnancy my symptoms had reduced & this is due to the surge in hormones. The […]

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In Memory of my Nephew

On the 24th of February 2014, my nephew Tyler was stillborn. The awful news tore through the family, grinding us all to a halt & filling us with utter sadness. Our happiness & joy of a new baby coming into to the family quickly turned sour to heartache & pain. Not only did it affect […]

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