The Travel Tag

First tagged post that I’ve done . Thanks to Just Snap Shot Stories for tagging me & hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What countries have you visited?

Italy, Spain, Catalonia, England, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, France & Netherlands.

What countries are you visiting this year?

It looks likely that this year we will be having a staycation with the arrival of Baby Kelly due in 7 weeks time. Lots of beautiful places to visit in Scotland & would love to make the trip to the Isle of Skye.

What destination is number one on your bucket list?

I’d love to visit Iceland but on a warmer note I’m more inclined to say Portugal.

What is your idea Holiday?

I have this image in my head that I love lying in the sun by the pool but in reality that lasts for an hour before I’m bored. An ideal Holiday is enjoying the sun, planning day trips and exploring the History of Cities.

Which place did you think was so special that you would have to go back there one day?

Rome was my Husband & I’s first holiday & we absolutely loved exploring the City. It was a roasting hot July & we loved exploring Vatican City, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps & the Roman Forum.

Show us your nicest holiday photo!

Disneyland Paris was the last stop of our Honeymoon & it was magical.

Have you ever had to travel for work? If so, where?

Unfortunately not, the furthest I’ve travelled with work is Dumfries.

Who would you like to go on holiday with? 

My favourite person to explore places with is my Husband. Can’t wait to go family holidays with our wee one.

What is your nicest holiday memory?

In July 2015, I won a competition for a weekend stay in Barcelona & the chance to play football at the Camp Nou. All expenses paid trip with 20 others, trained at Barca’s training camp, toured the Stadium & played football at Camp Nou. It was a pretty special weekend & I can always say I’ve scored a penalty at Camp Nou.

What is your worst holiday memory?

Rome was bitter sweet because it was our first holiday but also the first time I experienced severe Arthritis symptoms & spent every night in bed crying. When I look back on photos of Rome I am reminded of how difficult it was for me. I’d love to go back to Rome & take in more of the City while being physical able to do so.

Is there anywhere you wouldn’t want to visit?

I wouldn’t rule out anywhere, I’m always open to new countries and adventures.

I tag Amanda Diaries & Everyday Life Girl to do the Travel Tag next.

Goodbye March, Hello April

Slowly but surely I’m wishing away the weeks with my countdown to my due date (7 to go). Some weeks whizz by, whereas others drag in & I’ve been filling my time with reading, researching & writing which has been therapeutic.

March was the month that I went self hosted with my blog which I’m putting down as a goal achieved for March. I’ve only been blogging for 6 months or so & I’ve gained confidence in my writing over that time. More importantly, I’m enjoying it.

I was also delighted to be published three times by The Mighty Site & shared my experience of pregnancy with a chronic illness.

Reading was another thing on my on my list & I finally picked up a book. I forgot how good it was to get lost in a book with the hours quickly passing by as I read.

I’m looking forward to April, counting down the weeks to my due date & preparing the house for our new arrival. My goals for this month are; read more, write more & be more active (walks & swimming).

Hope April is a good month for you.

Chronic illness & Maternity Care

I’ve been sharing my experience of pregnancy while living with a chronic illness. My last two blog posts have covered Managing My Fibromyalgia during Pregnancy & Arthritis & Pregnancy . I’d like to share my experience of accessing good maternity care & the support I’ve received so far.

The most difficult part of my journey was conceiving & coming off medication. It was a testing time coming off Methotrexate & reducing painkillers. I had a supportive Rheumatologist who respected our decision to have a baby & she supported me to reduce medication. She also referred me for further tests with infertility Specialists & I was referred to pre-pregnancy counselling.

At the time, I underestimated the importance of the pre-pregnancy counselling, it helped put a plan in place for when I did get pregnant & they made it clear that I would be consultant-led with regular hospital appointments & check ups.

At first, my maternity care was based with the Community Midwife as my GP arranged the first appointment. I had made it clear to her that I would be consultant-led & asked about the referral process to the consultant in question. She was dismissive of this & instead I was assessed by a consultant at the Health Centre who deemed me as “green” pathway & not a high risk. This didn’t sit well with me & my gut instinct told me that I would have to push for more support.

I chased up the hospital referral for the consultant & after many phone calls, I finally was given an appointment for the consultant at the maternity unit & was prescribed a low dose of aspirin as required for pregnant women with chronic conditions.

This was a turning point for me during my pregnancy & I’ve been seen every 4 weeks by consultant & midwife with regular growth scans. The maternity support I have received has been consistent with an assigned midwife & consultant who are aware of my conditions. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with a clear plan in place with the view of being induced at 38 weeks.

If you are pregnant with a chronic illness, have a plan in place & ensure you receive the right support & don’t be afraid to ask for more support.

Baby Kelly,28 week scan.

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Managing My Fibromyalgia during Pregnancy

Since I was diagnosed in 2016, I’ve struggled daily with widespread pain, brain fog, anxiety, migraines, IBS, skin sensitivity & sleepless nights. Living with Fibromyalgia was never easy before I conceived & I knew that it would continue to challenge me during my pregnancy.

Similar to my Arthritis, the first 12 weeks of my Pregnancy were relatively pain free & I felt a burst of energy like never before. I was able to walk in the mornings & got through much of my days pain free. I made the most of this unusual feeling & was able to enjoy a trip away to New York & Philadelphia. Thinking back, I would have struggled to enjoy that trip with Fibro flare ups.

Although the symptoms of pain had eased during this time I experienced morning sickness or should I say all day & night sickness! From the moment I woke up until last thing at night I felt sick & I developed a sensitivity to smells. Even the smell of my husbands aftershave was enough to tip me over the edge.

From week 12-20, the little burst of energy I had left me & the fatigue creeped back in. I struggled to find a work-life balance & was so exhausted after work & I felt myself sliding back into a flare. My IBS symptoms were active during this time which left me feeling sluggish.

As I mentioned in my previous blog Arthritis & Pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain which is common in pregnancy. This has caused much of my pain to be in my hips & lower back.

My fibromyalgia has been up & down during my pregnancy but I do feel like I’ve been able to manage it & battle through it. I was relieved to experience 12 weeks pain & flare free & I made the most of that time. I’ve now reached my third trimester & final stretch is in sight.

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Mother’s Day

I wrote this for Mother’s Day on the 11th of March & posting it on International Women’s Day. I feel it’s a fitting post for both.

I’m well aware that life with a chronic illness has been just as difficult for my Mum as it has been for me. From a young age I’ve been attending hospitals for various conditions & my mum was always there supporting me & making sure I followed treatment plans.

She was there every step of the way with me, she endured as much of the pain as I did as she watched me & had many a sleepless night looking after me. Not once did she complain, or question my pain & fought hard for me to get support.

Many times I would falter. I would question my ability to do things. I wanted to give up. It was that voice of my Mum in the background “Leann, you’ve came this far. You can’t give up. You can do this”. She reassured me things would get better & she instilled in me a can do attitude where giving up was never an option.

A strong, independent & determined women who brought me up on her own & supported me through High School exams & University. Through the tears & tantrums she guided me.

I’m blessed to have such a strong women by my side & I hope that I’m half the Mum she is to me.

Photo by Premier Photography

Arthritis & Pregnancy

The most difficult part of my journey has been conceiving & coming off medication. It was a testing time coming off Methotrexate & reducing painkillers but ultimately it was worth it.

I’ve been lucky that during my early stages of pregnancy my symptoms had reduced & this is due to the surge in hormones.

The first 12 weeks of my pregnancy were the best for me & I was able to walk in the mornings unaided without pain. My arthritis affected my feet the most & it caused so much pain when walking so it was quite the relief that this pain had gone. My knees had previously required steroid injections every few months but were holding up well with no fluid gathering. Overall, my arthritis symptoms had eased during this time & my mood had lifted to a happier & optimistic one.

From week 12-20, my body changed the most with the most noticeable change at 16 weeks with the appearance of the bump. Fatigue started to kick in & it was exhausting managing work & home life. At 20 weeks I was in denial about my increased pain & tried to battle through it without support.

At 22 weeks I was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain which is common in pregnancy. It causes joint pain around the hip, pubic bone & lower back. I self referred to maternity Physio who confirmed it was indeed SPD & adjustments were made with crutches & a maternity belt.

22-26 have been the most challenging because of the pelvic pain & it’s resulted in time off work which I was reluctant to take. Unfortunately, I had to as the pain has been difficult to manage & I would have been unable to sit at my desk for long periods of time & pain insomnia doesn’t help matters.

I’m now at 26 weeks & I’m consultant led at the Hospital with a supportive midwife & consultant. This means I get appointments every 4 weeks with growth scans starting at 28 weeks with a view of being induced at 38 weeks. I’m also on aspirin due to my arthritis which was recommend by consultant & monitored by him.

Despite the increased pain I am doing well & feeling happier & excited about the future.

You can also access my story published on The Mighty Site:

In Memory of my Nephew

On the 24th of February 2014, my nephew Tyler was stillborn. The awful news tore through the family, grinding us all to a halt & filling us with utter sadness. Our happiness & joy of a new baby coming into to the family quickly turned sour to heartache & pain.

Not only did it affect my brother & his wife but the wider family were devastated. As an Auntie, I felt lost & heartbroken & I turned to online resources to help me through this.

The Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity Sands provided me with much comfort & support through this experience. The group meetings provided great support & comfort to both my Brother & Sister in Law. Peer support & a safe place to talk helped them through their most challenging point in their lives.

In Memory of Tyler’s 4 year Anniversary I have donated money to the charity Sands & to raise awareness of the great work they do to support families who are affected by stillbirths & neonatal deaths.

For further information & support please visit: