Babymoon – Perthshire

Before I was pregnant I didn’t even know this was a thing. A last romantic getaway before the baby arrives. The romantic scene of husband & wife cuddling up in front of the log fire & embracing each other before life changes. Well, that’s certainly the image I have painted in my head.

Let me set the scene for our babymoon. My husband, I & Chewie! We couldn’t possibly go away without taking our puppy.

We booked the Whitemoss Lodge B&B in the heart of Perthshire for an overnight stay with a different feel to it. We stayed in a Pod which was a wooden cabin looking much like a hotel room inside with all its luxuries & central heating & ensuite bathroom but felt more like the adventure of camping. Without the sore back, cold weather & creepy crawlies!

Our pod overlooked the beautiful Perthshire Hills surrounded by green fields as far as the eye could see. Sheep roamed the fields & the rabbits darted in between them. Soon to be replaced by little bundles of joy, with the sheep due to have their lambs. The long windows in the pod gave a great opportunity to sit back in the comfort of the pod & enjoy the wonderful views of Perthshire.

The air was still as we walked Chewie in the fields while he jotted about like the happy pup he is with a watchful eye on the rabbits & sheep. Being pregnant, I tried to keep up & was left feeling jealous of my pups energy levels.

In the Morning, we had a lovely breakfast made by the B&B owner who delivered our hot meal with a selection of cold items in a wicker basket. This was the perfect end to the overnight stay.

Whitemoss offers the peaceful getaway in a perfect location to explore the countryside & local towns with the option of visiting the City of Perth. Free WiFi, parking, breakfast included & dogs go free!


15 thoughts on “Babymoon – Perthshire

  1. That looks so lovely. ♥️ I didn’t know a babymoon was a thing either! If I ever do decide to have a child, I think it would definitely be something I’ll aim to do! I also have chronic illnesses but I’m on the fence in regards to if I want children or not. Who knows! I’ve got time. For now I will just coo over everyone else’s babies and hand them back for the nappy change 😂

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  2. I didn’t know this was a thing till your post! (and my baby girl is already 9 months old :-D) It is such a great idea to have the last romantic getaway before the baby arrives! We should do it with the next baby, better late than never 😀

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  3. I love the idea of a babymoon, it seems like such a sweet thing to do. Those pods look incredible! It’s so nice that the owner delivers the breakfast too, it’s a lovely touch. It sounds like you had a great little getaway too. I hope you have a nice relaxing time before the baby arrives x



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