Goodbye March, Hello April

Slowly but surely I’m wishing away the weeks with my countdown to my due date (7 to go). Some weeks whizz by, whereas others drag in & I’ve been filling my time with reading, researching & writing which has been therapeutic.

March was the month that I went self hosted with my blog which I’m putting down as a goal achieved for March. I’ve only been blogging for 6 months or so & I’ve gained confidence in my writing over that time. More importantly, I’m enjoying it.

I was also delighted to be published three times by The Mighty Site & shared my experience of pregnancy with a chronic illness.

Reading was another thing on my on my list & I finally picked up a book. I forgot how good it was to get lost in a book with the hours quickly passing by as I read.

I’m looking forward to April, counting down the weeks to my due date & preparing the house for our new arrival. My goals for this month are; read more, write more & be more active (walks & swimming).

Hope April is a good month for you.


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