Arthritis & Pregnancy

The most difficult part of my journey has been conceiving & coming off medication. It was a testing time coming off Methotrexate & reducing painkillers but ultimately it was worth it.

I’ve been lucky that during my early stages of pregnancy my symptoms had reduced & this is due to the surge in hormones.

The first 12 weeks of my pregnancy were the best for me & I was able to walk in the mornings unaided without pain. My arthritis affected my feet the most & it caused so much pain when walking so it was quite the relief that this pain had gone. My knees had previously required steroid injections every few months but were holding up well with no fluid gathering. Overall, my arthritis symptoms had eased during this time & my mood had lifted to a happier & optimistic one.

From week 12-20, my body changed the most with the most noticeable change at 16 weeks with the appearance of the bump. Fatigue started to kick in & it was exhausting managing work & home life. At 20 weeks I was in denial about my increased pain & tried to battle through it without support.

At 22 weeks I was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain which is common in pregnancy. It causes joint pain around the hip, pubic bone & lower back. I self referred to maternity Physio who confirmed it was indeed SPD & adjustments were made with crutches & a maternity belt.

22-26 have been the most challenging because of the pelvic pain & it’s resulted in time off work which I was reluctant to take. Unfortunately, I had to as the pain has been difficult to manage & I would have been unable to sit at my desk for long periods of time & pain insomnia doesn’t help matters.

I’m now at 26 weeks & I’m consultant led at the Hospital with a supportive midwife & consultant. This means I get appointments every 4 weeks with growth scans starting at 28 weeks with a view of being induced at 38 weeks. I’m also on aspirin due to my arthritis which was recommend by consultant & monitored by him.

Despite the increased pain I am doing well & feeling happier & excited about the future.

You can also access my story published on The Mighty Site:


11 thoughts on “Arthritis & Pregnancy

  1. I feel for you with SPD, I’ve been suffering with it for the last 4 months and the only thing that helps is long hot baths and putting an alarm on for the middle of the night and walking around. My partner probably thinks that I’m insane. Hope it gets better x

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  2. Great to read someone else’s journey. I was diagnosed with RA after my first child and had to come off MTX to have my second. I didn’t get much support from rheumatology at all but saw a consultant every 2 weeks as I also have type 1 diabetes. Not an easy journey, but so worth it! Best of luck for your new arrival.

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