New Year Goals

As much as I had my health struggles in 2017 & was challenged by them, I did manage to have a good year & achieve my goals. I done things my anxiety told me that I could never do such as going on my friends hen do to Liverpool, travelled to New York & Philadelphia & completed & passed my masters dissertation.

When I think back to this time last year I was filled with self doubt & riddled with anxiety. My mind would remind me of all the things I couldn’t do but I challenged this thought process & achieved my goals which I am incredibly proud of.

My goals achieved in 2017

1. I became Vegan in January.

2. Completed & passed my dissertation.

3. Went to Liverpool on my friends Hen Weekend.

4. Graduated from Uni with a Masters in Career Guidance & Development.

5. Gained confidence to write & started blogging.

Goals don’t have to start at the beginning of the New Year & throughout the year I set new goals & took a little longer to achieve some of them than expected but I done it. I had a great sense of achievement & goal setting helps me stay focussed throughout the year.

My goals for 2018

1. Complete another Veganuary & follow a vegan lifestyle.

2. Continue to write & share my health journey.

3. Learn mindfulness techniques.

4. Be more active.

5. Read more books.

Looking forward to 2018 & I am ready for the next chapter in my life.


15 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. Congrats on your 2017 achievements, that’s incredible! Great to see your confidence shining through!
    All the best for 2018, you can do this! xo
    // //

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  2. Going Vegan is such a big jump. I am super impressed. I don’t know if I’d be strong enough. I definitely want to read more books this year! xx corinne

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  3. I have traveled far and wide in my life. I have never been to Scotland. Partly because something deeply in my studies tells me I would never need to leave again. I have made the goal to put it on my ‘where I would like to retire’ list. Though getting ahead of myself is the unhealthy side of the generalized anxiety disorder I have. If one can manage to be patient, studying the life works of great thinkers of the past (selectively pulling their works of most interest) you recognize how many polymaths had GAD without ever being diagnosed.

    When one is the ‘patient’ sort of personhood you begin to familiarize self with self. Stillness needs motion; motion needs stillness. Details need generalized; generalization needs details fairly summarized to order the disorder. Thank you for the work you do to help others integrate into a secure line of work that best fits their skills.

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