First Christmas Anxiety Free

On the run up to Christmas I get myself into such a state worrying about Christmas Day & having family over sends my anxiety through the roof. Anxious thoughts creep in of how the day will go, how will I feel, how will I cope & the what if scenarios spiral out of control. Exchanging gifts & receiving gifts are a big trigger for my anxiety & I find it very challenging. To add to the pressure this year my Dad spent the day with us which is the first time in 10 years that I’ve spent Christmas with him.

It came as a surprise yesterday that I managed to do everything we had planned; Morning Mass, paid a visit to my nieces & nephews & had family round for Christmas dinner. Not only did I manage but I got through the day without feeling anxious with no intrusive thoughts or panic attacks.

This came as a surprise that I not only managed to survive Christmas Day but I was anxiety free. I didn’t take that for granted & very much enjoyed the day. For once, my anxiety didn’t have a hold of me & my thoughts & I made the most of an anxiety free day.

I’ve had a relaxing Boxing Day in my pj’s watching Beauty & the Beast, Friends & some football. It’s exactly what I was needing & a self care day is a great way to come down after Christmas.

Feels good having another little win over Anxiety. First Christmas Anxiety Free in 14 years!


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