Arthritis & Online Support

When I was first diagnosed with Arthritis in 2013 I felt lost & pretty much left to it. After the first appointment with my Rheumatologist I was prescribed methotrexate, given a leaflet on the side effects & told to get regular blood tests. I was so unaware of the serious medication I had been put on & I went on a search to find some support online.

I found a great supportive community on Instagram & connected to people who shared their experience of Arthritis, chronic illness & medication. Suddenly I felt less lonely & was able to be open & honest about how I was coping & got great support from fellow Spoonies.

The Spoon Theory by Christine Meserandino was easy to relate to as she compared spoons to energy levels of that of someone with a chronic illness. Before I knew it, I was a Spoonie connecting with fellow spoonies & developing true friendships.

I’ve met some true friends on Instagram & in August this year I got the chance to meet a spoonie friend who has supported me since the start of this journey. We recently met up again in November in Edinburgh & it was so lovely to catch up in person.

Blessed to have a great support online & always open to sharing & connecting to new people.

Jen & I, Spoonie friends ❤️

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