Travelling with a chronic illness

There’s nothing I love more than planning our next getaway & we were lucky enough this month to travel to New York & Philadelphia. We planned the trip as part of My husbands 30th Birthday celebrations & I was looking forward to my first trip to the States.

My biggest anxiety about the trip was the 7.5 hour flight & I really couldn’t see past that. Much of my preparation before hand was about managing my thoughts & anxiety before the flight. The good news is I managed it without any panic attacks & I done fairly well to manage the intrusive thoughts.

New York was everything I expected from it, bright lights, big city & lots of people! My anxiety was present for much of the time I was in New York with tension headaches, nausea & intrusive thoughts. I made the most of the time we had there & enjoyed Top of The Rock, The Empire State Building & the Statue or Liberty, to name just a few. I found it difficult to manage evenings out due to the crowds & people constantly rushing on by, fast paced with no time to stop or think.

I managed my anxiety with early mornings & days out & tried to avoid evenings out & work rush hour times. Fatigue & arthritis pain played a huge part of how I was feeling & I tried to pace myself & rest as much as possible. I underestimated how much New York would take it out me. I was constantly on the go, walking & exploring new places.

I couldn’t wait to get the train to Philadelphia after 4 days on the go, it was time for me to leave New York as mentally and physically I was done. Philadelphia was perfect, a laid back City with character, positive vibes & lots of history. It was less in your face as New York was, people were nicer, the pace of things was much slower & we had the time to relax & enjoy our last few days of our travels. My anxiety completely left me in Philly & I was left to manage the arthritis pain & joints popping. I was much more relaxed & visited the Liberty Bell & sort of ran up the Rocky Steps.

Even although I was on holiday & enjoying myself my chronic illnesses didn’t leave me or give me a break. It was very much present & flaring but I tried to minimise the impact it had on me.

The best advice I would give anyone for travelling with a chronic illness is:

1. Plan your days out & minimise the walking

2. Pace yourself & don’t burn yourself out

3. Rest, rest & more rest. Save those spoons!


11 thoughts on “Travelling with a chronic illness

  1. Arthritis sucks. I developed arthritis of the spine after my car accident, but I am glad that it was somewhat manageable on your first trip to my homeland! I am glad you enjoyed it here, and hopefully it is one of many visits to come.

    Thank you for these tips. I will be sure to use them on my next vacation.

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  2. Glad you managed to enjoy yourself. I conquered my fear of flying by simply flying more back home (a coach trip to Poland is 36 hours so that makes planes a lot nicer.) I used to get terrible panic attacks. Some nice advice about planning ahead.


  3. I’m glad you was able to enjoy your trip! Also love what you’re doing with your blog, a lot of people aren’t aware of the impact of chronic illnesses so it is great that you’re sharing your journey!

    Love, Melissa x

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  4. So long as your medication is legal and prescribed to you, you can bring it with you through an airport security checkpoint. Make sure that your medication remains in its original packaging (i.e. don’t put it in a pill sorter or a Ziploc baggie) with the prescription label showing that it is prescribed to you. Even controlled substances can be transported in this way.


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