Flare up & celebrations. An October Update.

It’s been over a month since my last blog post & there’s a combination of reasons why I’ve been quiet. At the start of October I had one of my worst Fibromyalgia flare ups which seen me bed bound for almost a week. Every inch of my body ached with other symptoms flaring causing me all sorts of problems. All I remember is I slept for most of my time off work & the fatigue really did take over.

The flare up at the start of the month put me off my stride & writing became a task instead of something positive for my mental health.
 Apart from the flare ups & fatigue, October was a busy month filled with happiness. I was part of my friend’s wedding as a Bridesmaid which was a perfect day with dancing & lots of happy tears. The following week we celebrated my Husband’s 30th Birthday with an epic Millennium Falcon cake and a dinner with the family. His big pressie being a trip to New York & Philadelphia which we are due to go on this week (eeek!).

Looking forward to what November has got to bring & of course, our trip to the States. 

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