5 Things that help me manage Fibromyalgia

Today marks the last day of Fibromyalgia Awareness week and I wanted to share the five things that help me manage my fibromyalgia. Last November, I was struggling with the pain but particularly with depression and anxiety. I didn’t feel happy anymore. I felt hopeless and lonely and I didn’t see a way out of my situation. It took me to the darkest place I have ever been and I now try everything in my power to manage my Fibromyalgia and mental health.


1. Physiotherapy; pacing & learning new ways to manage the pain on a physical and psychological level.
2. Telling people how I feel when I am having a bad day.
3. Recovery & Self-care days.
4. Keep active & keep moving.
5. Vegan Lifestyle. Best decision ever!

My life with Fibromyalgia is by no means perfect just now and I hope for a day that my invisible illness doesn’t control my life. Right now, I’m appreciating the good days and thankful for the support network I have.



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