Life with an invisible illness

When you get diagnosed with a condition it doesn’t register at the time and you don’t fully understand the impact it will have on your life both physically and mentally. For me, getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia was a relief. I was struggling with anxiety, muscle spasms, sleepless nights, fatigue and pain which weren’t related to my arthritis so I was relieved to finally get an answer.

A typical day for me is going to work and I fully understand that work isn’t an option for everyone but for me, work plays an important part of my journey with an invisible illness. Don’t get me wrong I am normally tired and sore after a day at work and I like to have a quiet evening with my husband but I still enjoy working.

I like to spend my weekends with my husband and nephew going to Celtic games and this has offered a life line to me and a place to escape my problems. It reminds me of the past Leann that played football and I miss that part of my life but I’m happy I get to enjoy it watching the team I love. Even just watching the games I come home with bruises and in pain from celebrating.



Life with an invisible illness is unpredictable and a good day could be followed by a series of bad days. It’s stopped me from being carefree and active but I’m learning new ways to adapt and to enjoy doing things. It’s invisible. Nobody knows that you are struggling and fighting each day. My illness is invisible but I’m not. I fight through the bad days and cherish the good.


It’s made me the person I am today and I am stronger because of it.


4 thoughts on “Life with an invisible illness

  1. It’s hard when I have illnesses that cause everything from severe joint and muscle pain, to headaches, nausea, fatigue, etc– but you can’t see any of it. My joints don’t swell, I never turn red, etc. To the naked eye, nobody would ever know I was sick but myself.

    But your use of that phrase, “My illness is invisible, but I’m not”…. I’ve been active in chronic/invisible illness communities for a while, and somehow I’ve never heard that one. That REALLY resonated with me, and I’m totally stealing it from you kthx.

    Thanks for following my blog– I look forward to following you back, and hopefully becoming friends along the way~ c:

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